Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Call to Action

Our call to action is for you to look at your family.  To look at each other’s families, and realize that you are not so different from one another.  Gay family, single parent family, heterosexual family, interracial family-- which are you?  What are your friends? What is the difference?  Diversity is all around us, and it’s part of what makes our culture so great.  The media is beginning to show this diversity, and with this increased presence comes an increased acceptance.  As Edward Schiappa, a professor of communications at the University of Minnesota said, “TV and movie representation matters,”  He’s shown in multiple studies that the presence of gay characters on television programs decreases prejudices amongst viewers of the programs.  Similar findings have been shown for interracial families, single parent families, and the like.  

So we ask you first to open your minds.  If you are unsure about diverse families, take a closer look.  See the love in them.  Realize that these families are not so different from your own-maybe they are your own-and they are normal.  Families with diversity are just another family, and deserve to be treated as so.

If you already feel this way, we ask you to show it!  Watch TV! TV with gay families, TV with a spanish dad and an African American mom, where they fight, and then make up!  Just like my husband and I.  Just like you and your brother, or you and your mom.  Show networks that you like it!  And that you want more!  If enough people show their content with the programs, then more networks will show more programs with more diversity, and more people will be able to realize that these families are normal.  Just like mine.  And just like yours. 

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